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Trout Unlimited Canada's Yellow Fish Road™ Program is a national conservation education initiative. Since 1991, thousands of Canadians have become leaders in their community by raising awareness about pollution entering local waterbodies through stormdrains. You can learn how to protect your local watershed and make a difference in your community’s water quality with this fun environmental action project!

 Trout Unlimited Canada

YFR is Proud to be an Emerald Award Winner

The YFR Program in Action


Yellow Fish Road™

 Yellow Fish Road™ Annual Reports

Trout Unlimited Canada's, Yellow Fish Road™ program reminds Canadians about their responsibility to reduce stormwater pollution, one of the largest sources of freshwater pollution. For more information about the program, please read our Yellow Fish Road Education Reports for 2011 , 201220132014 and 2015

Yellow Fish Road™ Across the Country

We have over 40 Yellow Fish Road partners across Canada, including; cities, community groups, conservation authorities and nature centers. Check out our Partners page to see if there is a YFR partner in your area to contact for FREE stormwater painting/marking kits and/or water education presentations. Read our Program Guide to see how you can get involved. Let us know once you've completed your YFR action project and record your results on our Enter Data page.

Calgary and Edmonton Presentations / Stormdrain Paint Kits  

We are currently taking reservations for the 2015-16 school year in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. We encourage all classes/groups to do our action project, the Yellow Fish Road stormdrain painting. Painting kits are available for FREE and we can bring kits on the day of your presentation. Presentations are fun, interactive and hands-on as well as linked to the provincial Program of Studies from K-Gr 9.

You can request a special Yellow Fish Road presentation for Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg by completing the Classroom Request Form or Group Request Form, and book stenciling kits by filling out the Volunteer Agreement, or by emailing Yellow Fish Road™ Program. Presentations are available in both Calgary and Edmonton for a fee of $50/presentation plus GST. As part of a pilot project, all Winnipeg presentations are currently free. After your presentation please fill out our Evaluation Form, we appreciate your feedback! 

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